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This is me...

I'm Traci - ADHD Mind, Body and Confidence Coach

I am propelled by a profound belief: having a brain that doesn't align with conventional norms doesn't diminish its brilliance.

Drawing from my extensive experience in diverse educational environments across the United States, I have witnessed the inherent potential within every student, regardless of their neurodivergent status.


At Strategic Connections, the goal is to support clients to be able to live their best lives. Frequently misunderstood, ADHD is a neurological difference that impacts "executive functions." 

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My Story...

My greatest passion is guiding people who face struggles because of neurodiversity to find success. During my time in the world of education, using scientific methods to teach students with dyslexia to read, helping students with dyscalculia grapple with the abstract concepts of math, or working with students who have ADHD find strategies that enable them to thrive have been my most meaningful accomplishments.

As I have learned more about executive functioning and it's impact on every area of life, I have decided to shift my focus from the school setting to working directly with those who have ADHD and their families. The extensive experience that I have coupled with an intensive coaches' training program at JST provide a unique perspective and set of tools that I would love to use to help you and/or your child find the best ways to manage executive functioning skills. 

The online format allows for easier, more convenient scheduling and for us to work together from wherever we are in the world. While I'm certainly open to working in person, I have found over the past three years that meaningful relationships can, in fact, develop in an online environment. 


I look forward to chatting about how having a coach can improve your life!


But Underneath...

I have been married to Paul for three and half decades and we live on Long Island, New York, with our two adorable dogs. We have 4 kids and 7 grandkids (and counting!) scattered across the country. ​


Having lived in 7 different states, we also have wonderful friends in lots of places. Exploring the world together is also a passion that we share. ​In my spare time, I love to cook and bake and I'm always on the lookout for the next great book to add to my collection.


Being outside and exploring different kinds of terrain is also a way I love to spend my time. Beaches, mountains, cities, rural areas, and whatever else is out there - I want to experience it all.  


I LOVE human beings. I am fascinated by each of  their stories. I want to understand what makes them tick and then help them to get what they want out of their one precious life.​


Having spent literally 50 years going to a school building most every weekday, first as a student and then as an educator, I managed to keep my own neurodiversity under wraps, even to myself. Once I left the familiarity of that structure, it became increasingly clear that I have some "neurospice" of my own. I look forward to exploring this in more detail in the coming days. Finding ways to build my own structures to succeed as an entrepreneur has certainly helped me to sympathize with current and future clients. ​


This is my story and this is what makes me me. I am excited to learn your story and what makes you you!

My Values



Inner peace through mindfulness practices.

Peace with other people, recognizing that every behavior is about the feelings underneath.

And yes, world peace. I mean this truly doesn't feel like too much too ask. 


Adventure is so important to me.

Whether it's exploring the world or moving across the country numerous times or trying new foods, I believe that life is meant to be embraced. Learning to be comfortable with change and risk has made my life what it is and I'm so grateful.



With family, friends and strangers.

Offering love, understanding & support.

Having fun.

Being kind at every opportunity.

Laughing & laughing and laughing.

Filling your days full of smiles, giggles and kindness.

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