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About Traci

At Strategic Connections, the goal is to empower clients to live their best lives. Frequently misunderstood, ADHD is a neurological difference that impacts "executive functions." We often associate these issues with school and academic success, but they can also get in the way of other areas of life. Having a coach that is specifically trained to work with people who have ADHD can be liberating and help you and/or your child find greater success and satisfaction.

My Story

I have worked in 12 schools over the course of my career. Each of them brought both joy and challenge in various ways. One thing remains true; my greatest passion is guiding students who face the most difficult struggles find success. Using scientific methods to teach students with dyslexia to read, helping students with dyscalculia grapple with the abstract concepts of math, or working with students who have ADHD find strategies that enable them to thrive have been my most meaningful accomplishments. 


As I have learned more about executive functioning and it's impact on every area of life, I have decided to shift my focus from the school setting to working directly with those who have ADHD and their families. The extensive experience that I have coupled with an intensive coaches' training program at JST provide a unique perspective and set of tools that I would love to use to help you and/or your child find the best ways to manage executive functioning skills. 


The online format allows for easier, more convenient scheduling and for us to work together from wherever we are in the world. While I'm certainly open to working in person, I have found over the past three years that meaningful relationships can, in fact, develop in an online environment. 


I look forward to chatting about how having a coach can improve your life!



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