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 Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with   ADHD: Real Focus Coaching 

Unlocking Potential, Overcoming Challenges, and Thriving in Business and Life

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About Traci 

Traci Everett is driven by a profound belief: having a brain that doesn't align with conventional educational norms doesn't diminish its brilliance. Drawing from her extensive experience in diverse educational environments across the United States, Traci has witnessed the inherent potential within every student, regardless of their neurodivergent status.

Her journey illuminated a fundamental truth: strategies effective for neurodivergent learners often benefit neurotypical individuals as well. Embracing each student's unique strengths is key to unlocking their full potential and fostering a more inclusive educational landscape.

My Mission

At RealFocus Life Coaching, my mission is to empower women entrepreneurs with ADHD to unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and thrive in both their business and personal lives. Through personalized coaching, practical strategies, and unwavering support, I guide my clients on a transformative journey towards greater productivity, fulfillment, and success.

What My coaching focus on?

At RealFocus Life Coaching, I believe that every woman entrepreneur has the power to achieve greatness. My coaching approach is designed to empower you to embrace your unique strengths, conquer your challenges, and unlock your full potential. Here's how I do it:

ADHD and Neurodiversity:

As an ADHD coach, I specialize in supporting individuals with ADHD and other neurodivergent traits. I understand the unique strengths and challenges associated with neurodiversity, and my coaching approach is tailored to harnessing those strengths while addressing common challenges such as time management, organization, and focus.

Empowerment Through Self-Discovery

My coaching journey begins with self-discovery. Together, we explore your strengths, values, and passions, gaining clarity on who you are and what you want to achieve. By understanding yourself on a deeper level, you'll gain the confidence and clarity needed to pursue your goals with purpose and conviction.

Goal-Oriented Strategies

Setting clear and achievable goals is essential for progress and growth. Through personalized coaching sessions, we'll define your short-term and long-term goals, break them down into actionable steps, and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles standing in your way.

Mindset and Resilience

Success isn't just about what you do; it's also about how you think and feel. My coaching focuses on cultivating a growth mindset, building resilience, and overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt. By fostering a positive and empowered mindset, you'll approach challenges with confidence and resilience.

Practical Tools and Techniques

Knowledge is power, but action is key to transformation. That's why my coaching emphasizes practical tools and techniques that you can implement immediately to improve your productivity, time management, and overall well-being. From mindfulness practices to organizational strategies, we'll equip you with the skills needed to thrive in both business and life.

Holistic Growth and Well-Being

True success is about more than just achieving external milestones; it's about holistic growth and well-being. My coaching approach considers all aspects of your life, including career, relationships, health, and self-care. By prioritizing balance and fulfillment, you'll experience greater happiness, resilience, and overall satisfaction with life.

Collaborative Partnership

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between coach and client. As your coach, I'm here to provide guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way. Together, we'll celebrate your wins, navigate your challenges, and work towards creating a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Ultimately, my coaching focuses on empowering you to take control of your life, embrace your strengths, and create meaningful and sustainable change. Whether you're striving to grow your business, improve your relationships, or enhance your overall well-being, I'm here to support you on your journey towards success.


Ready to unlock your full potential and live a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment? Schedule your complimentary consultation today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

My Story

Traci's journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing neurodiversity and challenging traditional educational paradigms. Motivated by a deep-seated conviction, Traci ventured beyond the confines of conventional schooling to advocate for neurodivergent individuals. Despite feeling disconnected from mainstream educational practices, Traci remained steadfast in her belief that every individual possesses innate abilities waiting to be unleashed. Her unwavering commitment led her to specialize in coaching the ADHD community, offering support to adults navigating the complexities of their neurodivergent journey. Through her comprehensive approach to coaching, Traci empowers individuals to harness their strengths, rewrite their narratives, and embark on a path of personal and professional fulfillment.

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Jessy says that having the support of a coach has enabled her to re-evaluate and re-calibrate her business goals so that she is able to build something she loves. Coaching has also helped her in her journey as a newly single mom as well as with life in general.

Why Work With Me?

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Welcome to RealFocus Life Coaching, where empowerment meets transformation. If you're seeking personalized support and guidance to overcome life's challenges and unlock your full potential, you're in the right place. As a seasoned ADHD coach specializing in empowering women entrepreneurs, I offer a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and practical strategies to help you thrive in both business and life.

What sets my coaching approach apart? It's not just about addressing symptoms; it's about addressing the root causes and equipping you with the tools and mindset needed for sustainable growth and success. With a deep understanding of ADHD and neurodiversity, I tailor each coaching session to your individual needs, ensuring that we address your specific challenges and capitalize on your unique strengths.

 Here's what you can expect when you choose to work with me: 

Personalized Strategies

 No two journeys are alike, which is why I take the time to understand your goals, obstacles, and aspirations. Together, we'll co-create personalized strategies that resonate with your unique personality, preferences, and objectives.

Empathetic Support

Navigating the entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming, especially when managing ADHD-related challenges. As your coach, I provide a supportive and non-judgmental space where you can freely express yourself, explore your emotions, and gain clarity on your path forward.

Accountability and

Holistic Growth

Making lasting changes requires commitment and consistency. Through regular check-ins, accountability exercises, and ongoing encouragement, I help you stay on track, celebrate your progress, and navigate any setbacks with resilience and determination.

True success isn't just about achieving external milestones; it's about holistic growth and fulfillment. As we work together, we'll explore all aspects of your life, from career and finances to relationships and self-care, ensuring that you experience meaningful and sustainable transformation.

Whether you're struggling with procrastination, feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, or craving more balance and fulfillment in your life, I'm here to support you every step of the way. Together, we'll embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and empowerment, unlocking your full potential and guiding you towards a life of purpose and passion.

Ready to take the next step towards realizing your dreams? Let's connect and explore how ADHD coaching can transform your life. Schedule your complimentary consultation today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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