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Strategic Senior Summer Intensive

Go into that all-important senior year of high school well prepared to face all the challenges heading your way. Spend some time during the summer doing the things that will make your life so much easier. 

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High School Students

You can decide if it works best for you to devote one week to this work or if you prefer to spread it out over 5 weeks. 

Session Dates:​

  • 5 Days of 3 hour sessions each day. Choose from the following dates:​​

    • June 26 - 30 (Monday to Friday)

    • July 10 - 14 (Monday to Friday)

    • July 24 - 28 (Monday to Friday)

    • August 14-18 (Monday to Friday)

  • Once a week for 5 weeks. Choose from the follow dates:

    • Wednesdays June 21, 28, July 5, 12, 19

    • Thursdays July 20, 27, August 3, 10, 17 

What you will experience:

  • Writing college essays with guidance

  • Filling out applications

  • Learning how to study effectively and efficiently

  • Other useful skills such as:

    • Strategies to find the right colleges to apply to

    • Examining what makes us truly happy, according to research

    • Finding out how to play to your strengths

    • Co-working opportunities

    • Learning about executive functions

      • Procrastination

      • Motivation 

      • Organization 

      • Actual time management

      • Impulse control 

    • How to keep up with all the info for colleges

    • Email basics, because you likely were never taught to send emails to teachers and other adults but it is important

    • Planning for upcoming course load (summer reading, previews of classes)

    • Goal-setting for senior year

    • How to be true to yourself - what do you have to offer the world?

Abstract Background

Fully Personalized 1-on-1 Option Available

If you prefer to work individually, we will arrange 15 hours together to meet your unique needs in planning for college applications and preparing for the upcoming academic year. 

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